Transformers Unicron #5

This issue is packed with action and set up, preparing for the final issue.  Given how packed this issue was it looks like the 6th and final issue will be one hell of a send off.

The Cover

The cover by Alex Milne features Bumblebee and Stardrive working to save humans from what appears to be a horde of Maximals and Sharkticons.  Stardrive looks fierce and ready for a fight, providing cover for the worried Bumblebee as he carries humans to safety from the oncoming threat.  The Sharkticons look great as well, almost as if they’d been pulled from the 1986 animated film.


The Art

Alex Milne’s art is brought fully to life by the colour work of David Garcia Cruz.  The details in the artwork are wonderful, and several transformers look far worse for wear as the conflict wages on.  The most impressive scene is perhaps the one where Monstructor rises to face the transformers, only to come face to face with Metroplex and Trypticon.  The two giants just look impressive.  Continuing with the rest of the series, this book looks sharp.

The Story

It’s time for a last stand.  Cybertron has been devoured.  Earth is the last bastion of hope to defeat Unicron.  John Barber brings the conflict to a head.  The remaining transformers are preparing to make a stand on Earth.  G.I. Joe, Solstar Knights, and the combined forces of the Autobots and Decepticons prepare for the final battle.  We learn more of how big a threat Unicron really is, not just to Earth, but to the universe as a whole.  The standout character in this issue is Thundercracker.  He’s apparently been a long time member of G.I. Joe, and his love of both pop culture and his dog make him a lovable character.  When he hands his dog to Marissa Faireborn to join Starscream and Skywarp in delivering Optimus to the final battle with Unicron, I was left really hoping he makes it through.

This has been a fun series to read, and the current continuity is going to go out with a bang next issue.  Stay tuned!

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