Champions #1(#28)

It looks like Champions is undergoing a soft reboot.  Ms. Marvel has been doing some recruiting in an attempt to build an organization that really can change the world.  The issue picks up quickly, the new and greatly expanded team is quickly introduced, and the action takes off!

The Cover

The cover of the book features the expanded roster and there is a lot to take in.  11 members of the team make the cover, with Miles and Kamala being the most prominent.  The new #1 is prominent in the bottom right corner, and the Stan Lee memoriam is simple across the top.  I was able to find online that the legacy number wasn’t included due to the Stan Lee memoriam, and I’m fine with that(thanks to Xalfrea on the CBR forums for the info).

The Art

Steven Cummings handles the artwork in this book, and he does a solid job!  The book looks great, every character looks the way they should.  I actually really liked Brawn.  Amadeus is no longer just another Hulk, and while he’s not as big as he used to be, his appearance is still very fitting, perhaps more so.  I also enjoyed the action sequences, as the art actually feels like it is in motion.

The Story

Jim Zub is the writer on this book, and handles the gargantuan task of introducing a very large team very well.  Each character is quickly introduced, and the story moves quickly enough that you’re not going to question said introductions.  Nothing feels forced or that any characters are being forced in.

The story begins with Ms. Marvel coordinating three teams.  The roster has been greatly expanded, which allows the team to handle more emergencies and take action to help more people.  Ms. Marvel is having the three teams handle three different emergencies.  The first is to save some girls from human traffickers, the second to save some people from the aftermath of a disaster, and the final was to battle a giant energy monster.  The first two are gone over in pretty good detail, allowing all the new members to be introduced and show their stuff.  The final emergency is handled by the original team, and is glossed over quickly.

I like the idea of the expanded team, but I am curious how Zub is going to manage such a large roster.  It’s a neat challenge and has a lot of potential for the book.  The first issue doesn’t feel rushed or that anything is forced in, and it ends on a very interesting cliff-hanger.


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