Eclipse #6

This issue marks the halfway point in the second arc of Zack Kaplan and Giovanni Timpano’s series Eclipse.  It picks up in the aftermath of the last issue, with Rose seeking out the underground and Bax being sent to investigate another albino.

eclipse-6_0d909b27cdThe Cover

The cover features a burnt out cityscape, with everything falling into ruin. In the foreground is a sewage tunnel with water spilling out into the daylight.  Rose is in the tunnel, and is reacting in fear to the prospect of falling out into the light of the sun.  It shows the breakdown of the world, and foreshadows that Rose could be in some serious trouble this issue.

The Art

The art work in this book maintains the high quality of the previous issues.  Giovanni Timpano has an excellent ability to draw the emotional spectrum in the facial expressions of all the characters.  There are a lot of great little details in the background as well.  The Dark Market looks great, both dingy and dangerous.  The unforgiving appearance of the sunlit world also adds to the story, and during daylight hours adds a heightened sense of tension throughout.

The Story

The issue begins with Rose seeking out the underground, trying to get to the bottom of why the Albino was trying to kill her.  Meanwhile Bax is scouting a bandit hideout that is holding another Albino.

In Bax’s storyline we discover that the leader of the bandits is an old colleague, who interrogates Bax about his true intentions.  Bax advises he was there to scout out the Albino, but at first is not believed.  Only when it is too late do the bandits realize that Bax was sent as an unsuspecting distraction while Solarity forces launch an attack.

Rose’s story follows her as she meets with the Underground, only to discover that she too was being used as a lure by Solarity.  The Underground point her in the right direction to track down answers, and her story ends with her in a similar situation as she is found on the cover.

All told this is another strong issue in the series.  Kaplan does a great job this issue of portraying Solarity as the true threat to the main characters(after the sun of course).  Page by page and issue by issue we learn more of how the world has regressed to where it is, and how Solarity came to power and what they are willing to do to hold it.

This series is an excellent read, and the trades are available now!

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