Transformers: Unicron #1

So I’ve decided to check out another Transformers comic.  This year on Free Comic Book Day, IDW issued an issue #0 to lead into this Unicron event.  The book was beautiful and made me want to jump on this, so I had my local comic store order it in for me, as they don’t usually carry Transformers books.  This is set to be an end to the current continuity for Transformers, so I was doubly excited to get in on it.

The Cover

I received Cover A for this book, as there are seven different variants.  I’ll talk about the one I have.  Alex Milne covered both the interior and exterior art here, and the book looks good!  The cover features Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Soundwave, Pyra Magna, Aileron, and the Mistress of Flame prominently in the center of the cover.  Below them Unicron approaches the Cybertronian colony of Caminus.  The bots all look good, and the cover definitely conveys the urgency required in dealing with a threat like Unicron.


The Art

Every IDW Transformers book I’ve seen has solid art.  They do the bots justice and don’t skimp on the detail.  Milne’s work on this issue is no exception.  They look like powerful robots, yet still convey emotion through both body language and facial expression.  I especially like how Arcee looks.  Honestly, the last time I saw her was in the 1986 animated movie, where she was just the token female bot.  Now?  Now Arcee is a fearless warrior, accompanying Prime and Bumblebee to Unicron’s surface.  While she still has a feminine appearance, she is never portrayed as weak(like she often was in the G1 Animated series).  I dig it.  As well, Unicron looks great.  The planet eater looks savage, hungry, and near invincible.  Unicron looks like the threat he should be.  Well done.

The Story

The first page gives a quick rundown of the story thus far, making this a great book for a first time reader.  Starting a big event this way allows casual fans to get on board, and I’m a fan of that.  John Barber writes this issue, and sets a torrid pace right from the beginning.  Starting with a quick recap of Unicron from Cybertronian legends, the issue quickly jumps into a battle to save the colony of Caminus.  A brainwashed horde of Maximals is defending the Unicron/assaulting Caminus, and it’s up to all of our heroes to respond.  Prime leads his team to assault Unicron directly, and the others try to defend the colony.  Prime shows a lot of doubt in this issue, something the character often does in various mediums.  I’m curious to see how he becomes the savior/hero when the time comes.  Everyone feels he is the thirteenth Prime prophesied to defeat the darkness, but this version of Prime has known of this legend and twisted it to his own needs in the past.  He doesn’t believe in it.

Overall this is a well written and well paced book.  I loved the art, and thought the story supported it and it’s characters well.  The next issue is out in a couple of weeks, so I won’t have to wait long to find out what’s next.  If you aren’t getting this at your local shop, it is worth picking up, and given that it’s a short six issue series, it won’t kill your budget long-term.

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